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We would love for you to support our work. Together we create a space for gift culture & human kindness to thrive.

Please consider a financial contribution. One time, repeatedly or regularly with any amount you choose. Generosity does not have an exchange rate but we know any gift matters.

The work of Adato Paradigma and Hearth is made possible solely from the generous donations and support of people like you. We don't accept advertisements and we don't accept corporate sponsorship. Help us to share the vision that our natural positive values, loving kindness and generosity, can help shape healthy interpersonal relationships and our world for the better.

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There are many ways to get involved – Our main product is a gift for you!

The platform enables participants to exchange services and products only as gifts. There is no currency within the system. User ratings and transparent track records of each participant ensure the distribution of services and goods through the system based on trust and transparency.

The essence of giving and receiving gifts, from our point of view, is that it is done without expectation of a return gift or reward. We believe participation with this kind of motivation is the real gift and reward we all can share. The energy from this kind of exchange can nurture the ground of our inner and outer possibilities and provide the context for this behavior to spread.

We believe this can be the start of something great. Not only is it fun to meet each other and interact this way, it can help to positively shift the way we experience our selves and society, now and in the future.

If you like the idea you can get involved right away by checking out the market-space and begin sharing all your best.

If you love the idea you can become one of our ambassadors and help spread this vision for a more harmonious world. For more information contact us here:

Thank you for your open heart, the world is again a little better and a more generous place because of you.

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