We share what fulfills us. We accept what we ask for. Without money. Without thinking “what’s in it for me.” We do it just for the pleasure it brings :) is an online gifting market-space (Gift Exchange) and generosity based social network built on the principals of the gift economy. It is a space where people can reclaim their daily relationships with the generous world that surrounds them. They can experiment and redefine how exchanges happen while exploring the community that supports them. Moving beyond the self-centered and habitual behavior often connected with commercial transaction experiences, a network of our emerging Gift Culture of human cooperation can flourish.

The platform enables participants to exchange services and products only as gifts.There is no currency within the system. User ratings and transparent track records of each participant ensure the distribution of services and goods through the system based on trust and transparency.

Experiment ~ Experience ~ Transform

At Hearth, the goal is not just to acquire or get rid of more stuff, but to have fun with and explore the fundamental principle of generosity that is central to life.

The essence of giving and receiving gifts, from our point of view, is that it is done without expectation of a return gift or reward. We believe participation with this kind of motivation is the real gift we all can share.

Taking care of each other is healthy. Giving and receiving with an open heart, a beautiful truth is present. We are interconnected. We are interdependent. By investigating and developing our mutual feelings of trust and respect in a safe space we can discover more authentic and meaningful social relationships.

Hearth celebrates and believes in this experience. Like people gathered at home around the warmth and light of the communal fire, offering the best of what they have, sharing stories,  knowledge & skills, objects & things that matter to them and carry meaning.  

We believe this can be the start of something great. Not only is it fun to meet each other and interact this way, it can help to positively shift the way we understand what is possible. This kind of exchange can deepen our personal and communal connections, make us happier, healthier, and potentially lead us to a transformation of how we support our selves and our society, now and in the future.

We invite you to join us! Come home to Hearth.

If you like the idea you can get involved by joining the Hearth network right away and begin sharing your best.

Mobile Application

At the end of 2017, after long preparations, we began to create a mobile application for to extend and simplify gifting. We conducted interviews with users, prototyped designs, experimented, and gradually began to create a modern application for finding gifts & wishes in the user's neighbou­rhood, as well as quickly entering a new gift, etc.

However, soon after this we began to shift our attention on developing a New general community platform which would focus on a broader set of tools that can serve as a cornerstone not only for us but also other communities.

The development of the mobile application is thus currently suspended while we focus on these other activities and the creation of the general community platform. Non the less, we will be happy for your feedback (ideally by email at Just as we have conducted an intensive creative session at the end of May, we plan to do it again this year 2–3 times and incorporate, among other things, feedback from you who choose to use the application. Also, do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to join us in a creative session …

Where to get the app?

Android – You can download the application to your phone at….hearth.test

iOS – download the application to your phone TestFlight (…ght/testers/) and e-mail you send us the name of your iCloud account – we’ll send you an invitation.

Hearth Points

Hearth Points are places within currently running establishments ( E.g. coffee/tea/co-work places with community character) where people can meet in person to experience and practice generosity, share stories about their own experiences of giving, and participate in inspiring interactive workshops and meaningful presentations on:

Hearth Points also function as an extension of the on-line gift economy platform and gift exchange market-space. Inspired and motivated online to share, but still needing a safe space to connect in person, Hearth Points can function as a place where tangible gifts could be handed over.

We are currently actualizing the concept of Hearth Points at our Central Hearth Point in the center of Prague, and plan in the near future to offer it as a model for other places throughout the country and beyond.