The key intentions of the Adato Institute are:

  1. to create appropriate incentives for the development of the individual's po­tential, the harmonization of interpersonal relationships and the knowing of mutual belonging
  2. to promote the emergence, activity, cooperation and development of conscious communities
  3. seek and establish collaboration with local and international partners who also support the paradigm shift and conscious life and to create international networks of partner.projects.

The main activity is currently organizing Councils – Adato advisory circles that connect and stimulate the development of individual integrity, the consciousness of belonging and the ability to view leading to conscious living in accordance with the natural values of a man and the world. around us.

Each circle is unique and it supports the paradigm shift, meaning the life change that is happening from the inside out. It is a meeting place for active people with a constructive attitude that are willing to take responsibility for their lives.

By our activities we support a practical impact of a paradigm shift on various fields of life of an individual as well as a society.and spreading of a good practice examples.

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