We share what fulfills us. We accept what we ask for. Without money. Without thinking “what’s in it for me.” We do it just for the pleasure it brings :)

Hearth.net is an online gifting market-space (Gift Exchange) and generosity based social network built on the principals of the gift economy. It is a space where people can reclaim their daily relationships with the generous world that surrounds them. They can experiment and redefine how exchanges happen while exploring the community that supports them. Moving beyond the self-centered and habitual behavior often connected with commercial transaction experiences, a network of our emerging Gift Culture of human cooperation can flourish.

The Hearth.net platform enables participants to exchange services and products only as gifts.There is no currency within the system. User ratings and transparent track records of each participant ensure the distribution of services and goods through the system based on trust and transparency.

We run a blog where we share articles related to gift economy, generosity, kindness and other related topics.


Experiment ~ Experience ~ Transform