We are preparing new information and opportunities for you, coming from the last five years of our experience and research into generosity based activity and positive human values.

We would to like offer you a space for that as well and invite you to share your stories and gifts with us and others in person –

• as an attendee of our upcoming councils
• as a participant at our upcoming workshops
• or by organizing your own in one of our Hearth Points.

More information is coming soon. You can find our current calendar of previous and upcoming events here:­p/events or councils.adato­.org

See you soon! ~ Team Adato/Hearth

Upcoming Events

19. 11. Gift council in Central Hearth Point

Previous Events

We succesfully organized first public council about paradigm shift in October 2018. The upcoming one is coming soon. For more information please visit the website councils.adato­.org.