The mobile app offers a safe space for the community of Dzogchen practitioners to share information privately and securely.

Use your phone to access a handy Instant Presence Reminder, and an overview of community activities, organized by you and other practitioners who want to collaborate, practice or spend time together.  

Signing up for the application is secure. The app is only accessible to members of the Dzogchen community.

Web administration is part of the solution.

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hearth PLAMEN

Encouraging high-quality interpersonal relationships, is a generous social network that promotes the integration of the gift economy into everyday life. 

People can meet, share, request and offer both physical objects and services, their time, knowledge or information.

Through real experience, we can realize that mutual generosity and kindness is the best investment leading to a fulfilled life.

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Community application


This project developed from the work on Sangha.

The application allows the community to inform members about any event or activity. It supports a community way of life and encourages ordinary members to organize and share their own events.

The application is global. Wherever you go in the world, localization will help you know what local members are doing and where they meet.

You can talk about projects and collaborate to help achieve them, keep track of current community events and be an integral part of them.

Security and privacy are a priority. The application registration process is designed to permit access only to authorized members. Information, documents, photos and other materials are encrypted and accessible only to members of the community. Part of the solution is web administration.

If you are interested, please contact us.